Draw for Week 195


Drawn on Wednesday, June 24th 2015

Sue Lauder drew this weeks numbers; they are –

3, 15, 22 and 34.

No jackpot winner this week, 4 people share the second prize,winning £62.50 each.

Ross Black, Simon Oxby, Rebecca Kyle and Frances Gordon.

Best Wishes,

James Smith, Lottery Manager

Draw for Week 194


Drawn on Wednesday, June 17th 2015

This weeks numbers were drawn by Kees van Gils, they are –

6, 13, 29, 34

There were no jackpot winners or 3 number winners.

Thanks again to everyone who supports the Albion Lottery

best wishes,

James Smith, Lottery Manager.

Draw for Week 193


Drawn on Wednesday, June 10th 2015

This weeks numbers were drawn by Jerry Traynor at News Plus in Bannockburn.

No jackpot winner, with six people sharing the second prize, each selecting 3 numbers. They are –

Steven Miller, Anne Marie Brown, S Oswald, Yvonne Young, Graeme Cully and Gail Haughton, wining £41.67 Each

Best wishes,

James Smith, Lottery Manager

Draw for Week 192


Drawn on Wednesday, June 3rd 2015

Irene Sweeney drew this weeks numbers at the Scots Wha Hae public house in St Ninians, they are –

8, 19, 21, 33

No jackpot winner, but two people share the second prize and win £125 each, they are –

David Gow and Kenny Miller

Best wishes,

James Smith, lottery manager